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MarthaElin Mountain, Ed.D., M.A., LMFT

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I'm MarthaElin Mountain, Ed.D., LMFT

Are you in transition?  anxious?  stuck? 
Experiencing Painful memories?
seeking direction?
on a quest for meaning?


Each of us needs someone to talk to
from time to time.
Perhaps, this is one of those times...

Whether it's
something from your past,
a current challenge,
a worry about the future
putting the pieces of your life together,
a quest for your true self,

I am passionate about helping you:

  Zero in on what matters
  Change what is not working
  Overcome what holds you back
  Deepen into your authentic self

How might I support you?

Therapy, or
Conversation Online?

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[email protected]

I  look forward to speaking with you soon.

MarthaElin Mountain, Ed.D., LMFT



who am i?
I am a seasoned psychotherapist and consultant for adults and professionals.  My goal is for you to thrive within and with others. The words--healing, growth, clarity, confidence--describe the heart and soul of my practice.

     As a Doctor of Education and a licensed therapist, I bring a unique blend of skills, expertise, and resources to our work.  EMDR, CBT, Mind-Body, and the Neurobiology of the Brain and Trauma Treatment are some of my specialized approaches to therapy. 

     I especially love working with Jungian Psychology.  It is a beautifully sensitive approach to helping you discover and address what keeps you stuck, while opening you to a deeper and more meaningful sense of yourself.   The Jungian language of imagery, metaphor, dreams and symbols engages us with the larger mystery and fascinating wisdom of the universe and our presence in it.  Over the years, I have found a variety of ways to incorporate Jungian tools and processes with  other therapies when appropriate.

        The combination of my professional and life experience and my sensitive, intuitive nature enables me to hear and connect with your thinking and needs in meaningful ways.  I am able to listen deeply.  I not only hear you; I "get" what you mean.

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