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How do we know Who we are?
How can you know Who you are?

To know Who you are and to live that Self, you must first discover it by gathering the "stuff" of your unique story. 

You might begin with a question or two:

What personas do I present to the world?

Who have family and cultural pressures been telling me I'm "supposed to be"?

What do I fear?  embrace?

What puts me off?

Who are the images and the characters I resonate with?

What is my unique blend of gifts, negative beliefs about myself, and my hidden dreams for becoming?
Finding honest--and sometimes surprising--answers to these and other questions is to encounter yourself at a deeper level. 

Your life is a unique story that is always present in your experiences.  Your emotions, feelings, and state of being, at any given time in your life, have their own stories to tell.  Woven into them are images, influencers, dreams, patterns of behavior, and longings.
I am a Jungian-based psychotherapist.  I have a felt sensitivity to the unique journey that belongs to each person I work with.   When a client seeks to deepen their sense of who they are and live a more authentic life, we explore their story and identify particular patterns in relationships, dreams, and images that weave through it.  Our process moves gently from conscious knowing into an exploration of what I call “Hidden Knowing”—your inherent “deep knowing”, or wisdom.  We do this verbally as well as with nonverbal "language", such as imagery, dreamwork, metaphor, symbols, and miniatures.
This process of deepening and discovering opens you to the insights and vital energies of your authenticity.  It is a beautiful, life-changing gift to your Self.

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