While some experiences in your middle years can feel overwhelming and hard to manage, they are the fuel for transforming your life in positive ways and for becoming Who you are really.  Inner changes that begin during these years are mainly psychological ones.  They are about inner shifts and personal transformation at a deeper level; they are not so much about age.   No two midlife journeys can ever be the same. 

How you navigate the twists and turns of emotions, self-image, the unknown, new decisions, and empty spaces in midlife has a direct effect on how you  will live your life in later years.

"Still round the corner there may wait a new road or a secret gate."   
J.R. Tolkein
The inner questions and challenges and the unique gifts of the middle years (late 30s through early 70s) are a special focus in my practice.  "What's Normal? What's Not?" is a typical question at this time.

I work with men and women in midlife who are seeking clarity, relief, and guidance.    Life  becomes unfamiliar... relationships change...    and so do we. 

Are You Navigating  MIDLIFE?
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