* LMFT:    California Board of Behavioral Sciences
M.A.  Clinical Psychology:    Chapman Univ. 
* Ed.D. Organizational Behavior., Qualitative Evaluation, Innovative Curriculum DesignU.C., Berkeley
* M.A. Education:     Stanford University
* Jungian Sandplay Practitioner, Board-Certified:  Sandplay Therapists of  America
* EMDR, Levels I and II :      EMDR Institute
* California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
* Monterey County - CAMFT
* NAGC Counseling and Guidance Division
* Sandplay Therapists of America
SENG  Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted
* Member of Monterey Peninsula Health Summit Think Tank
*  Jungian Psychology Monthly Study Group

As a Licensed Therapist, Doctor of Education, Author, and seasoned Consultant, I offer a unique blend of experience, expertise, and resources to my clients.   For adults and professionals seeking personal guidance and support I provide both basic counseling, for practical problem solving, and psychotherapy for deep, transformational work.

I am a Consultant re: emotional challenges,  identity shifts, and questions related to aging and authenticity in Midlife and Postmenopause.  I also consult re: the unique social/emotional challenges and risks of being  gifted.

I am trained and educated in Jungian Psychology, EMDR Therapy, Dreamwork, CBT, the gifted brain, and  neurobiological  and somatic approaches to healing trauma. 

I hold a Doctorate in Qualitative Evaluation and Organizational Behavior from U.C., Berkeley, and am licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. 

My book, Midlife Check-In:  Who Am I Really? and "The Midlife Checklist" are used by individuals and groups as a guide to navigating their transformational years in midlife and beyond.

I set high standards for my work with you.  I pursue quality professional training and review research in my fields regularly, and I will pass on information when I believe it will help you move forward or deepen your connection with Who you are.  

I feel privileged to be a therapist.  It is my joy to guide you and empower you to change in meaningful and significant ways.  And, in doing so.... I also grow.

"Throughout our work together, my intention is for you to become clear and confident."



*  Treating Trauma Series  National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM), 2011, 2013
* Therapeutic Use of Imagery          Academy for Guided Imagery
Childhood Sexual Abuse:  The Offender-Victim Relationship     MC-CAMFT 
Dreams and the Body:  Dream Interpretation         Pacifica Graduate Institute  
* The Body in Depth Psychology  Healing in an Age of Neuroscience
Pacifica Graduate Institute 
Addictive Interactive Disorder   Addiction Recovery Center, San Jose
Empowering Creativity Through Movement and Expressive Art   Tamalpa Institute
Sandplay Therapists of America   2001 2002, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012
Counseling the Gifted; Existential Depression; Identity Formation; Over-excitabilities; Underachievement; Twice Exceptional; Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis; Adult Issues       SENG National Conferences & Seminars,  CAG,  NAGC
* Embodied Psychology, Creative Process, Innate Wisdom of the Body, and the Transformative Power of the Imagination
Tamalpa Institute
Attachment-Focused EMDR:  Healing Developmental Deficits and Adults Abused as Children         Institute for Advancement of Human Behavior, 2013; Laurel Parnell, Ph.D.
*  Brain Science Series   National Institute for Clinical Application of         Behavioral Medicine  (NICABM), 2012 and 2014
*  Mindfulness Series  (NICABM), 2013
*  The Ever-Changing Brain               Institute for Brain Potential, 2013
*  Understanding Personality Disorders              IBP, 2012
*  Evidence-Based Nutritional Strategies for the Aging Brain IBP, 2014  
*  Writing, Ritual and Personal Myth     Pacifica Graduate Institute 2014
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            Dr. James Hollis, NY Center for Jungian Studies, 2019
Portraits in Pathology:  Common Pathologic States
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* Brain Research and Treating Anxiety   NICABM, 2019
* Brain Research and Trauma Treatment    NICABM, 2019
California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
 Find-A-TherapistMonterey County Assoc. of Marriage and Family Therapists
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