ASSESSMENT is an important part of counseling, therapy, or performance enhancement, especially during the early phase of our work.  We are getting acquainted and I am gathering helpful information about you and your concerns.  You are also gathering information about me.   

Assessment takes place during our conversations, my observations, and in the initial information you provide.  It can also happen in more formal ways if we use selected tools or instruments.


I want to be clear about the outcomes you want and to zero in on the most appropriate ways to help you achieve your goals.   Selected assessments can help us understand what drives your choices and behaviors and can help you to make meaningful changes.   Some assessments are done prior to our session, while shorter ones may be included during a session.  I will never have you use chunks of time during our sessions to complete lengthy assessments.
My unique PINPOINT ASSESSMENT---a series of brief, straightforward exercises------helps to clarify your natural preferences and challenges for:
                         •  communication with others
                         •  focusing your attention
                         •  expressing your feelings
                         •  managing your thoughts and behaviors
                         •  being in relationships

Results of the PINPOINT  ASSESSMENT process point to specific strengths in your nature and to areas that need to be strengthened.  They can also show you some of the skills and inner resources you have that you may not be aware of.

The PINPOINT ASSESSMENT process can also help you understand how certain past events, such as trauma, may relate to current negative thoughts or beliefs, current moods and behaviors, and to your stress levels.  This process can tell us about your emotional "wiring."
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MarthaElin Mountain, Ed.D. M.A., MFT
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